Apples are good for about one week without loosing too much of their crispiness. If they are kept refrigerated at between 2 to 6 degrees, they last 3 to 4 weeks.

Discover the experimental and artisanal process of the Rosinette apple from May 1994 up to year 2015, a variety of apples offered by Marked Apples, by consulting the article of Agropomme: The experimental and artisanal process of the Rosinette

Born in the form of a "gentlemen's agreement" and having now, for several years, evolved as a non-profit organization, The Apple of Tomorrow is a group of 50 members working in the field to create a varietal diversification of the apple tree since 1986.

According to history, the first apple tree was planted in Quebec in 1629. 200 years later, grafting of the trees was introduced and during the next decades, a few hundred varieties were thus developed. Most, if not all, of these varieties no longer exist and it would not be until about 1930 that John McIntosh from Ontario introduced the now renowned McIntosh. Even though this apple is still the best seller in Quebec, apple growers and organisations are still looking for “THE” apple of tomorrow.

Marking apples is not something new; the process dates back to long before the last World War where Kings and Queens had their silhouettes placed on their best apples for Royal consumption. For the last 50 years the tradition was practically non existent but has now been revived in France, Japan, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand… and of course at the Grands-Parents Orchard!