Our apples varieties

Rosinette – The apple of tomorrow

Rosinette - Pomme de demain

Rosinette is an apple variety created by a group called La Pomme de demain in which we are involved. The result of a cross between a hybrid of New Jersey (NJ75), a yellow apple with low acidity and an unknown tree.

The Rosinette, red fruit streaked on a creamy yellow background, comes to maturity around September 20th. Its white flesh, sometimes tinged with pink at maturity, is sweet and fruity. A slight touch of acidity balances the flavors of the fruit. Crunchy and juicy, it can easily be preserved for a long time. Great to cook and to enjoy fresh, the Rosinette is a local product to be discovered!


Exceptionally crisp and juicy, the Honeycrisp owes its name to the fine taste of honey that characterizes it. Its flesh of a beautiful cream color is not sensitive to oxidation.

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